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part of the city that never sleeps is in the dark. the wall of a four story building collapsed in manhattan exposing apartments inside. no one was injured. at least seven storm related deaths have been reported in connecticut, maryland and five in new york including three children. public transportation for more than 12 million people came to a halt in new york, flil and washington, d.c. when the eye of the storm passed over atlantic city the winds abated and clouds parted and full moon came out. >>> 60 million people will be impacted by this storm. fema has pledged over 3 beaten $5 billion for the cleanup if necessary. >> carolyn: and it's not just wind and rain punishing people. schools are closed in south carolina and blizzard warnings in west virginia. sandhya patel is here to show us where the storm is. >> check out doppler radar. you will see this storm is covering a large part of the east coast. there is snow falling right now and rain continues to batter the east coast. we'll show you where the snow is falling right now. it is extending from colombia, ohio, down to west
. >> this morning, major east coast cities are literally shut down, and coastal communities have already been evacuated. it is monday, october 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> usually we say good morning. but it doesn't seem appropriate on this monday. all eyes on sandy, what's going to be a very tough probably 36 to 72 hours for millions of folks along the east coast. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. hurricane sandy is a 900-mile superstorm expected to make landfall in new jersey tonight. 900 miles. just think of a 900-mile-wide wing span. >> i know. from cloud to cloud. that's a massive storm. this morning, of course, complete coverage of hurricane sandy, the forecast, the storm's track and very important, tips to help you and your family stay safe. also, new york city, like several other cities up and down the east coast, is all but shut down. scenes we don't see here a lot. just subway stations empty. times square empty. everything just shut down. there is no mass transit, limited flights. people are urged simply to stay home
have great balconies overlooking the city life of los angeles. >> the two junior suites are generous in size. they both have fireplaces. one has a beautiful view of the los angeles skyline, the other is a view over the pool. the first room to the right of the stairs is a wonderful room. it has a lot of natural light, has its own balcony, whicoverlooks the los angeles skyline. leaving that room, you go into another room whichas a lot of natural light. this bedroom is a wonderful room. the dove gray on the walls complement it, make it very warm and inviting. the stand-on balcony it has is really beautiful. >> the crown jewel of dawnridge estate is a spacious top floor master suite that manages to encompass an indoor/outdoor feel. >> the masr suite is a very large suite. it almost acts as a living room/bedroom, which flows into a spa-like bathroom. >> the master retreat is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows with panoramic city views surrounding the suite. you have three balconies. one is the back balcony which overlooks the pool and the front balconies overlook the los angeles
silence in times square with mass transit across new york city halted. ahead of the hurricane. not just mass transit, bus, light rail, amtrak on the east coast, airlines, the city is for all intents and purposes shut down. >> nothing, nothing going on. the scope of the storm is just incredible. forecasters expect high altitude wind to whip through every state east of the mississippi. and as people prepare now to go days without power, we'll have the best advice for coping with the storm and also, staying safe in the aftermath. >> weep were discussing that. that's the worst part. losing power. you want to take a shower. you want to eat. you want to get out of the house you can't. >> trapped. the worst part for so many. >> can't charge your iphone. >> what will you do? >> little break from sandy. we'll run down the best nfl action of the week. and see how we are doing with our picks and how you are doing with yours. a brief break from the storm coverage. >> speaking of sports. we know on the west coast you are loving life right now. congratulations to the san francisco giants. they won th
fanned by sandy's powerful wind. this morning it is being called one of the worst the city has ever seen. we have more now from abc's elizabeth vargas. >> reporter: breezy point was engulfed not only by wind and rain from hurricane sandy, but something unexpected, fire. >> dozens, up to 100 homes have been decimated. and left in a rubble. >> reporter: a stunned beach front community, firemen, policemen, blue-collar workers took stock of what was gone. not a single thing you can save? >> nothing i can really identify. except for the kitchen tile and bathroom tile. >> reporter: while the cause is unknown, there is no question the fire was ferocious. the flames were fed by hurricane-force winds. hydrants were submerged. fire engines stranded helplessly blocks away by rising f floodwaters. >> in a community of 4,200 homes. of a community that lost the most people during 9/11. firefighters and cops, and during 9/11. this community was hit horribly tonight. the people here -- are amazing people. people with a lot of pride to them. and they're keeping it, and people i have spoken to tonight, th
. the floodwaters of tonight's super storm are receding, but there is no doubt it has crippled new york city. officials tell abc news that new york may be without power for several days. and that the flooded subway system will be out of service until well after the power is restored. we want to take you back to the drama unfolding in the nyu hospital in manhattan where the effects of the power outage were felt acutely when backup generators failed. the hospital was forced to evacuate their patients including 20 infants from the neo natal intensive care unit. we are joined now by our new york affiliate, wabc's, kimberly richardson on the scene. >> that forced officials here at the hospital to evacuate roughly 200 patient. talking pediatrics, talking emergency room patients, across the board. what that means is that, for 16, at this high rise hospital, all had to be evacuated. inside the hospital. officials are relying on flash lights to get around, we are told, e-mail, and phone system want down at the hospital. what happened is this caravan of ambulances, waiting here on the avenue, on first
fueled a massive fire in queens, one of the most destructive in the history of the city. >> this story is beyond heartbreaking. the wind-driven flames ripped through block after block, destroying more than 100 homes, 111, latest count. firefighters managed to rescue two dozen people. floodwaters kept them from tackling the blaze full on. before it was over, the neighborhood was unrecognizable reduced to nothing but smouldering ash. >> the life got ripped out of you. that's a good description. >> i have over 34 years on the job. i have never seen this before. this amount of devastation. >> amazingly there only a few minor injuries. breezy point was also devastated on 9/11, losing 37 residents, including firefighters in the world trade center. also the home currently to a representative in congress as well. >> take a look at the video. it is apocalyptic, the scenes. in all, 111 homes all burned. they don't know the cause just yet. that is look a movie scene out of there. out of all the horrible scenes we are going to see from the aftermath. the fire in queens, that neighborhood, i find t
york city, this is "extra. >> hey, everybody, i'm maria enounos. t was a scary nightn new ork city, mario, between the looding and the winds. was right by a hotel door that completely shattered from he impact. wow, , the shots that were it's really nbelievable. what's it like to get around there? >> it's virtually impossible. have an army of photogs including alec and hilaria who shot from their apartment. some let's get to breaking news. transformed pple water world, histstoric far as the eye can see. and in the ound sky. than 30 dead, boats tossed a megatrail of destruction. >> forecast to be a superstorm and boy was it ever. >> a historic storm in every measure. subways swamped ground zero inundated. repoers up and down the east oast braving thelements. aught in sandy's fury. worst wind that had. >> weather channel meteorologist jim cantore with maria today. feel like it was bad thought it would be? >> maybe a little worse, actually. there's water four feet high in the streets and cars floating round. it was a movie set everywhere ou turned. > rosie o'donnell snapping his pic
here in new york city. mario, i'm on the hudson river where the winds have picked up, the water is quickly rising and the storm is about to break. >> we have been watching some trulyllhilling images today -- massive waves, houses slammed, reporters dragged into the ocean. >> yeah, mario, i is gegetting scary out here. we're getting pelted with rain and it's only going to get worse. >> millions of americans in danger, a once-in-a-century super storm seemingly hell bent on wreaking a path of total destruction up a down the east coast. homes washing away. >> parts breaking off and falling into the ocean. >> reporting washing away. >> whoa! >> 60 million people will be impacted. >> this is one for the record books. >> closed, shut, blaring front-page nds sandy's path. journalists putting their lives on the line to cover the mster maelstrom. >> it's biting ice pelts slamming across us. >> cbs's chip reid caught in a sudden storm surge. >> whoa! >> that wave just came roaring over. >> abc matt gutman and his cameraman swamped by a wall of water trying to escape to higher ground. even
of the country with minneapolis at 41. >>> here in new york city, police say their 911 phone lines lit up last night with reports of blood curdling screams coming from an apartment building. it turned out to be ape mother returning home to find two of her small children stabbed to death in the bathtub and their bleeding nanny holding the knife. this morning that nanny is hospitalized in critical condition and is in police custody. the grim news in city doesn't stop there either. on this friday morning. also here in new york, a veteran cop is under arrest for plotting to kidnap, rape, and torture dozens of women and cook and eat their body parts. investigators uncovered some of the gory details in a police database say they found no evidence that any women have actually been harmed. >> slightly disturbing, and talking with people online to see whether or not he could fit a woman in the oven. big enough if you fold her in half and curl up her legs. >> dark few days. >>> in the race for the white house, our poll shows the governor romney with a slight lead over president obama. >> with just 11 da
. thunderstorms in the carolinas to florida. less windy in the nation's midsection. showers in the twin cities. chicago and detroit. going to be stormy from seattle to portland. >> 60 in the pacific northwest. mostly 50s from kansas city to detroit. 70s from new york to atlanta. >>> something incredible now from a high school football game last night in spokane, central valley down by 3 against shadow park. they needed a field goal to send the game into ot. ready? >> no problem for austin rico. all he did was step up and nail this 67-yard field goal. 67. >> yeah, 67. >> keep in mind the nfl record is 63 yards. done by four guys. >> i think this guy is going places. the game went to ot. at 55, central valley went on to win. 62-55. >> plenty of room. could have made it from 72. >> 67 yards. that's awesome. think he's got a future. yeah. >> uh-huh. >> speaking of amazing brings to mind the "world news now" nfl picks competition. >> voting for this week's games is now open. we are open for business at go there, check out the featured games. see who we all picked. vote for yoyour own p
. >> this morning there are growing worries about the hurricanes impact on major u.s. cities. and increasing preparation in case of the worst. it's friday, october 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. happy friday, everybody. even though it doesn't seem like a happy friday, all the kind of news that we have to report today. man, it is kind of a dark day. there are fears this morning, first with the weather that hurricane sandy could be what forecasters call a perfect storm. >> what does that mean? it means if conditions are right, this hurricane could pose a grave threat to the east coast mixing wind, rain, cold temperature, all of that. we will have much more on sandy in a moment. first a look at the other stories we are following this half-hour. >>> an absolutely heartbreaking story here on new york's upper west side. a mother comes home from running errand to discover her two toddlers stabbed to death inside their apartment. police say the nanny did it and then tried to take her own life. >> hear
't one of our young tech pros to check it out. >> hey, everyone, it's tina. i'm here in new york city at microsoft's big windows 8 launch event. this is brand-new operating system. we're going to take a look at it right now. with windows 8 the start button used to be in the lower left-hand corner is gone. and what you have instead is a start screen with all of the programs and apps you are used to in one place. >> windows 8 is brand-new operating system. people who have used windows before are going to have off to get used to a lot of new things. that can be a little jarring. after you play around, you get the hang of touch screen features about way to use the keyboard with the operating system. >> one of the main features is the charm bar on the right side. swipe right. you will see main controls there. you have search, share, your start button, devices, and your main computer settings. >> on the left side you can swipe to bring back all of the previous apps that you were using. a quick swipe out and back in. it will bring up a list of the most recently used apps, jump from here from
in northern minnesota. >> 47 in the twin cities. 50s in the midwest, central plains. 77 in dallas. 80s from new or lanes to new york. and 60s from seattle to salt lake city. >>> well, bee keepers in the region of france have a bizarre phenomenon on their hand. >> they say their bees are producing honey, get this, in shades of blue and green. they can't sell any of the rainbow colored sweet stuff. a preliminary investigation links the problem to residue coming from a nearby m & ms plant. can you believe it? m & ms. blue and green honey, the latest, for french bee keepers, coping with a dwindling supply following a harsh winter. i would eat it in a heartbeat. turn into cereal, pour milk on it. i don't care. >> colored honey. >> marshmallows. >> even bees love m & ms. coming up next who wants to sell a famous bloodied sock, we'll tell you why. >> later the first beatle's song, released 50 years ago, why the fab four had to fight to record it. you are watching "world news now." ♪ i will always be true ♪ so please please love me do ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
or leans. 60s in the central plains. and also from salt lake city over to seattle. >>> by the way, kenneth krausse, put your picture up on facebook, twitter, and see what you look like, have america -- >> did you see the picture? >> this from the guy that didn't recognize that i had specs until about -- three hours into the show the other day. >> sorry. if it's late. >>> all right, ready. this is our favorite story of the day, man. that's right. one of the rare accomplishments in baseball the reason we picked this as our favorite of the day. >> congratulations to miguel cab ra of the detroit tigers, baseball's first triple crown winner in 45 years, since 1967. >> led the american league in the three major offensive categories, batting average. home runs and rbis. cabrera, the 15th player ever to within the triple crown. >> that means the rest of the tigers can get ready to face the as in the first round. joins ted williams, lou gehrig, mickey mantle, hasn't happened since 1967, not in our generation. pretty big deal. >> some of the names. long list, mickey mantle. pretty impressive there.
in new york city. showers and thunderstorms d.c., and the carolinas down through much of florida. >> 50s in the northeast and midwest, and 60s from texas up to the canadian border and 70s along the pacific coast. >>> a little bear cub took a page straight out of "goldy locks," decided a house in arizona was just right. >> a cub was making himself at home, and managing to finish off an entire chocolate cake. good call, little cub. the family called for help and got the little cub out. >> did you see the photo? a guy had a shotgun in his hand, though? >> did he? >> luckily it doesn't come to that. >>> you have never seen a smackdown like this. two cable guys go head to head. you know those two guys. we'll be back with their story right after this. septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at right after this. >>> i think that's a special theme song for thursday, for those of you that can't wait for th
pickles to meatballs, all week bringing you unusual food tour of new york city. >> that's right. this morning we found a place that has perfected donuts. look at this thing right here. >> not yet. not yet. >> stick around for our extreme eats coming up next. man. >> one of our favorite treats at >>> well, they are one of our favorite treats at 3:00 a.m. donuts. >> we send amanda van allen, donuts taken to a whole new level. amazing, amanda. >> ron, paula, you have never seen donuts like the ones i am about to show you. i visited donut planet, where i learned to make three types of gourmet donuts. i even used a blow torch for one of them. part of our extreme series, "extreme eats." we are her today at donut plant, here with executive chef, owner, mark. what keeps the customers coming become to this donut place, rather than just having a dunkin donuts down the street? >> i think because it is original. i've taken my grandfather's doughnut recipe and i kind of wanted to do something different with it. when i first started making donuts 18 years age i was interested in taking it in
with warnings going out about massive gridlock and detours. according to the city's mayor motorist avoided the area and the repair went smoothly. >> caltranstook add v, took adv the closure. a savings of $150,000 in maintenance costs for taxpayers. >>> anticipated traffic nightmare, dubbed carmageddon two. >>> a look at your weather, atlanta, mobile, tallahassee could see severe weather. wind up to 70 miles an hour. and nice day in the northeast and new england. showers in the carolinas by afternoon. >> hopefully a good day to sleep. i am tired after my big weekend with the college girlfriend. i feel like i could pass out right now. may have to carry me the rest of the show. >>> in southern california, l.a., could push 100 degrees. warmer than usual in phoenix, at 102. 60s, 70s in the nation's midsection. miami where it should be, 89 degrees. >>> all right, well the navy in thailand, latest group to go gangnam style. a few dozen soldiers do their thing there. >> it took three days for the navy to film and ed it this masterpie masterpiece. the sailors wanted to change their usually serious
spot in the city of angels. after zooming through space 25 times, "endeavour" inched its way from l.a.x. to california science center at just a paltry rate of 2 miles an hour. hundreds of trees, in fact, had to be cut down. traffic signals moved to make way for the massive wing span. "endeavour" arrived to a cheering crowd more than a half day behind schedule. but, again, it is finally home. >> mm-hmm. >>> tributes are pouring in this morning for former senator arlen specter. moderate republican turned democrat from pennsylvania who served 30 years in the senate, died yesterday of complications of nonhodgkin's lymphoma at the age of 82. specter, known for being independent, and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell is among those remembering his integrity. >> i came out of law school as a young assistant d.a., and he taught me a lot about what i know about teaching me about discipline, teaching me about staying focused, teaching me about the value of preparation. he was prepared as anyone can be. >> again, that was ed rendell. specter's funeral will be tomorrow in penn valley penn
. a morning drizzle around new york city, new jersey, boston, coastal connecticut, showers in south florida. hail, high winds for minneapolis to kansas city. mix of ran and snow from the dakotas to salt lake city. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> 50s in seattle and portland. just 33 in billings. 70s in the midwest. 80s across the south. >>> well, halloween is exactly one week away. so, 'tis the season for the living dead to strut their stuff. >> ghoulish creatures packed the streets of key west for the annual zombie bike ride. a lot of scary skeletons, white-faced find friends -- finds, i should say, blood stained cadavers, pedaling along the atlantic ocean. some chose political themes. while others were just plain old creepy. >> the "carnival of corpses" is part of a ten-day festival filled with costumes, contests and of course some street parties as well. i'm sure they had a good old-time. >> that's how they roll in key west. >> always a good party down in key west. >> yes. >>> coming up next -- a rock star, a lady's man, and a guy with a really good head of hair. i kne
restaurant in new york city dedicated to the art of meatballs. you don't want to miss this. we are in the kitchen. don't go far. ♪ on top of spaghetti all covered with cheese ♪ ♪ i lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed ♪ >> announcer: abc's "world news now" weather brought to you by swiffer duster. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thing. i love that book. can you believe the twin did it? ♪ swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare ins
impact across new york city if they fell into the wrong hands or hand of terrorists turned up on ebay. "new york post" reporting, a retired new jersey locksmith is selling sets of five keys that can control almost any elevator in new york city, cut power to side scrapers, open subway gates and access construction sites and one world trade center. a reporter working undercover bought a set for $150. scary stuff. a look at your monday forecast. stormy weather moving into alabama, the florida panhandle, parts of georgia, south florida could see a thunderstorm by afternoon. a great day for working outside if you are in new england. >>> cooler air moving into the upper midwest. minneapolis, 70. 10-degree drop from yesterday. this could be the warmest day of the year in san francisco. seattle is pleasant and dry. >>> little weakake-up call for parents. how much tv do you think your kids are watching? a few hours a day. probably a lot more. researchers say, children between the ages of 8 months and 8 years are exposed to nearly four hours of background television every day. and kids in the p
here at dade city's wild things. which says it is the only place in the world where customers can swim, yes, swim with a real live tiger. >> it is a limited time we can do it in florida. you can interact with the tiger until they're 40 pound. >> reporter: it may sound dangerous, randy stern says it is a roaring success. drawing people from as far as iceland. paying $200 for just 30 minutes to cuddle, bottle feed, and of course practice your tiger paddle. >> there you go. when fully grown, a siberian tiger could top 1,000 pound. both didn't seem to mind. >> i never thought i would get to touch one much less swim with one trying to keep up with it, so exciting. >> reporter: so exciting everyone wants in on the action. swimming with wild and potentially dead ll lly critter seems trendy. at out of africa wildlife park in arizona, trainers look on. the whole idea here is to get them to be socialized with humans. animals born in captivity and will die in captivity. matt gutman, florida. >> no, no, no. wild animals. could maul your face. could maul your face off. >> if it tried to maul my fac
after a solution was made with bacteria. the city has been hijacked by those now making cheap copies of safer drugs. >> these individuals are no different than counterfeiters. instead of manufacturing a fake roleex, they are manufacturing fake drugs. >> and one family is praying she will pull through. >> it's just hard to see your mother. >> reporter: that recall affects more than 1,000 products, everything from drugs to simple vitamins but the company is saying there's no reason to think the other products are contaminated. >> your heart has to go out to the families, and watching his mother, elderly, battling that. and you may be impacted by this, head age, fever, tphaurba, and discomfort from bright lights, and those that have been impacted are suffering strokes on top of that, so it's very serious. >> this strain is very rare, and it's different than the typical strains than men kwraoupb skwraoeutious, but it's not contagious. >> yeah. can't be spread from person to person, but so far 32 cases in tennessee, and 20 in michigan, and then we also have 18 in virginia as well. so hope
. saudi arabia expert 3 million muslims will arrive in the city of mecca. it is fostering closeness to god. >>> tropical storm sandy is picking up storm this morning with wind hitting 65 miles an hour. sandy is expected to grow into a hurricane by the time it hits jamaica and cuba later this morning and this afternoon. on track to pass over bahamas, thursday and possibly bring rough surf to the east coast. >>> don't panic just yet. it is still days away. don't want to freak people out. sandy. >> we're good at that. >> media is good. not a cat five coming for new york. take a breath. it may not affect us. >> i'm breathing. here is your wednesday weather. feels like it should be thursday doesn't it? >> should be saturday. >>> light morning showers in the northeast. severe storms around minneapolis dashgs mo , des moines. snow in the cascades. showers from seattle done to portland. >> mostly 40s in the northern rockies. 70s in the midwest. 80s. dallas, miami and new orleans. >>> a story that its near and dear to tower hearts. every reporter has at least one embarrassing on-air disaster. so we
. >> but a fir tst. >> it is. >> your tuesday forecast. showers in the upper midwest, twin cities, green bay. spreading later to chicago and kansas city. morning sprinkle in the northeast. thunderstorms in florida. scattered showers in bay area. >> of 70s, sacramento, albuquerque. 40s, fargo to minneapolis. 60s, kansas sitty to new york. >> here is a story we are simply head over heels for, or the other way around. trying to figure that out. no matter. either way. >> congratulations to 16-year-old miranda ferguson of dallas, texas. set a new guinness world record, 35 consecutive back handsprings. training for her attempt for about a year. >> it took her all the way from one 15 yard line to the other. she battered the old mark by three full handsprings. so, good for her. that's a flipping great world record. >> don't know how she didn't hurl at the end of that. good going. >> she may have. not going to show you that. you may have seen the massive wreck at the sprint cup car. >> what we can learn, by looking at that mess right there. you are watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ crash into me ♪
a vespa. i live in the city. always wanted -- never told my parents or husband. secretly wanted a red vespa. >> you would drive it, you think it is cute, or friendly. >> cute, easy to snip in and out. my mother would be like terrified to know that. >> you know it's a glorified moped, but it is good on $6 a gallon of gas. that's for sure. >> that's right. >>> moving on to other news. a new wildfire burning out of control in washington start. is now threatening a dozen homes. the fire which is being fueled by bone dry conditions quickly scorched 150 acres, 40 miles southwest of seattle. some people were forced to evacuate. others have been put on notice. officials say no part of that fire has yet to be contained. >>> also, people in fargo are bundling up this morning after getting their earliest snowfall in more than 25 years. the gusty winds made the snowfall seem a little more blustery. look at that. 6,500 homes and businesses lost power in all that mess. parts of northern minnesota faired a lot worse. they got more than a foot of snow. man, talking about snow, and it's not even hallo
of the country. >> unusually warm actually in philly, new york city and beantown. chicago, minneapolis, in the low 60s. about average this time of year. denver is 15 degrees warmer than usual. 81. phoenix, the hot spot on the map. coming in at 93. >>> bottoms up. >> indeed. >> might want to savor this one a little bit when you find out how much it is going to set you back. >> one of the top bar terndz on the planet has created what is mre believed the world's most expensive cocktail, $8,800 a glass. mixologist salvador calibrese used oldest, priciest spirits, cognac from 1788, 1770, liqueur, and a 1860 cuarcoa, and bitters. >> tequila. >> impressive. >> that was from the 1900s. >> calibrese mixed it at playboy club in london, liquid history in a class. $8,800. cheers. thank you for mixing it up. >> get us some. >> over budget. >>> one ofmost influential senators in years, this morning we remember arlen spector. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause?
"extreme eats" series continues. >> i'll visit the meatball shop, ironically enough, in new york city to find out what it takes to make some really great balls. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations. ♪ on top of spaghetti all covered with cheese ♪ ♪ i lost my poor meatball >>> as everybody knows, the best part of spaghetti and meatballs is the balls. >> that's right. that can be why a new mini chain of restaurants right here in new york is so popular and very, very good. as part of this week's series "extreme eats" i visited the meatball shop, a place that has taken meatballs to a whole new level. >> so it's fair to say you and dan are pretty passionate about your balls. >> yes. our balls are our number one passion. dan and i grew up in new york city together. as far as i'm concerned, it fills every food desire. you can do anything you want with a meatball. any dish you can imagine you can make into a meatball. everybody loves meatballs. meatballs make you smile. >> we talk the talk now, we are in th
, green bay, moving into chicago, kansas city. >> mostly 50s in the northeast, 60s in the midwest, and 70s from albuquerque to boise. >>> you know it's getting to be halloween time when we have stories like this. you're about to see. charlie brown, eat your heart out. >> he surely would love that massive pumpkin. set a california state record yesterday when the was weighed at a pumpkin festival. 1,775 pounds. that is a full 71 pounds more than last year's record weight. by the way, crops in the state of oregon, that's where the great pumpkin this year was grown. >>> all right. and here's a bizarre one from sunday night over on kwfs. they were pitching an android tablet from kids. when the guest host, cassie slain on left started having some problems. you see her patting her chest. >> she appeared to faint. the co-host caught her and he also continued to talk about the product like nothing had happened. slain was apparently suffering from low blood sugar. but she is fine now. the weird part he kind of kept talking despite, you know -- her passing out. crazy. you know. >> i already know that
her of clipping him as she drove to another new york city nightclub. >> lindsayry kneels to focus on her own life and make sure she's in a better place. >> who is it? >> lindsay lohan. >> i don't have any idea who it is. >> an actress. >> no. >> reporter: we understand there was a third person in the hotel room. he's not allowed to discuss the details but did inform us on his twitter page that lohan is now safe. meanwhile other hotel guests who heard the alarm go off at 6:00 sunday morning tell me they had no idea there was such a backstory to this inconvenience. lucy yang, abc news, new york. >>> arnold schwarzenegger's tell-all memoir released to day. the former california governor is talking about how he kept secrets from maria shriver during their 25-year marriage. in an interview with "60 minutes" schwarzenegger admits his behavior, including fathering a child with his longtime housekeeper, deeply hurt those closest to him. >> i inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> schwarzenegger says there were other affairs over the years. details are som
york city. >>> the race for the white house, 19 days to go. president obama head to the battleground state of new hampshire today. on the stump in iowa and ohio yesterday. the president reached out to women voters. stressed his support for insurance coverage for contraception and reused a phrase froms to day's debate while criticizing mitt romney's economic plan. you have heard of the fair deal? you have heard of the square deal? mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. >> mr. obama's schedule, appearance on jon stewart's show, and he and romney will address a bipartisan dinner here in new york tonight. >>> yesterday, romney was reaching out to women voters. he told crowds in virginia that the president has failed america's women, by not sufficiently boosting the economy. and romney promised that if mr. obama is re-elected it will be more of the same. >> i think it is interesting, with two presidential debates gone, the president still hasn't found an agenda for his second term. we have an agenda for our term. and our agenda is going to get this country working again. >> rom
s from fargo to the twin cities. 80s around new orleans and miami. looking nice in new orleans. >> march, april, october, november, best weather months down there. 83 in october. i will take it. >>> all the single lady can now get some extra help in figuring out whether their love interest is legit. the website hetexted lets users upload a screen shot of a lover's text. >> other visitors to the site can vote on what the text might really mean. they can also dispensary l disp relationship advice. >> in your single days did you receive cryptic message, text, what is this dude trying to say? >> yes, yes. it usually means he is just not that into you. usually what it means. >> i mean, sometimes, i can't really talk right now. >> have you sent them? have you sent those? >> in my single days, you know. got to sharpen up the game. >> if a guy texts and says i am busy friday and saturday, i can meet you for lunch on tuesday. >> i am dating somebody else. you have been relegated to the week day. that's what that means. >> no need to use the website. >> play on, player. >> it can be toug
and there are expectations for it. it should do well. >> the only way out of that city is the airport. >> reporter: in "argo," ben affleck plays a cia agent who plans to get six americans out of iran. they escaped and found refuge in the home of the canadian ambassador. in this film based on real events, the plan to save lives involves a fake canadian film crew making a fake movie called "argo." ben affleck is the director, the star, and one of "argo's" producers. >> this is the absolute apex of my career thus far. i feel this is the movie -- and i've never said this before -- it's the best movie i've ever been involved with. i'm enormously proud of it. >> if ben called me and asked me, brian, would you -- yes, i'll do it. it was really good. >> "argo" science fantasy adventure. it's a turnaround. >> do we get the option? >> are you worried about the ayatollah? try the wga. >> when you have more than a hundred million people saying it's the best movie they've seen in years, you start thinking maybe it's going to be director. >> who's your director? >> can you teach someone to be a director? >> it's great mo
was sure to take a bite. >> reporter: new york city landmark serendipity 3 known for its decadent deserts like the $1,000 ice cream sundae. cooked up a $295 hamburger even guinness certified it the most expensive in the world. this is white truffle butter infused with ten different herbs. >> reporter: don't forget the bun. in this case, flecked with pure 24 karat gold flakes from switzerland. if you think a $300 burger is over the top, you are not alone. >> $6.66 burger is seasoned. >> reporter: these two men, founders of 666 burger truck aren't big fans of the gourmet burger movement. okay. they hate it. >> well, what could be the best way to really show my disgust short of, you know, burning the places down? >> reporter: his answer, a burger that is both wasteful and useless. his word, not mine. the price tag, $666. the cheese, mockingly melted in champagne steam. the whole thing is wrapped in gold leaf and topped with lobster, truffles, and caviar. >> expensive is easy to do. you just find the most expensive ingredients. throw them together. but if they've don't work together, then it
, chance of tornados around wichita, oklahoma city. >>> summerlike in the south. 80s from dallas to atlanta. midwest and northeast are cold and windy. they'll be in the 50s. mostly 70s in the rockies. >>> well, some might say he has the face only a mother could love. the only problem with that, he's an orphan. >> but this baby walrus would not be alone. the 15-year-old named minnick. did i say that right? he was rescued off the coast of alaska, nursed back to health. now the new york aquarium in brooklyn taking him in. baby mitchic will get used to surroundings and then become part of the aquarium walrus exhibit next spring. very nice mustache. >> have to go see that. almost as good as yours, you don't have one. >> you let me know how the trip is. >>> coming up, surprising news in "the skinny." whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina makes an announcement that will raise eyebrows. >>> big progress on the economic front. looks like the housing market is starting to bounce back. still not the greatest news for some sellers though. it's all next. ♪ our house its a
from dallas to miami. 60s in the northeast. mostly 70s from indianapolis to salt lake city. >>> some incredible video this morning, showing what happens when an unsuspecting pedestrian wanders into the middle of a police chase. >> yes, take a look dash-cam footage. young man in the street as a speeding squad car comes barrelling into him. but get this, amazingly he lands on his feet. and casually walks away. >> unbelievable. lucky for him able to think fast enough. jump on to the hood and avoid serious injury or death. >> yeah. >> that jump. saved his life. >> saved his life. absolutely right. instead of getting pushed down. would have hit his head on the pavement. how it happens. >> almost like cat-like reflexes. i don't know i would have been able to act that way. >> in your mind, going, not good, whatever you are saying. then you think to jump. thank goodness he did. >> gosh, smart thinking. >> lance armstrong spoke out for the first time this weekend since being stripped of all the endorsements. what he had to say wasn't what many wanted to hear. >> first, an abc news investigati
a pretty warm weekend. salt lake city, billings right around 70. >> yankees fans are going to need these. i need one too. >> get the booger off the desk. uh-huh. >>> allergies. derek jeter one of the most productive players in post season. now he is out for the year. i know. it happened during game one of the alcs, yankees/tigers. top of the 12th. fielded the grounder. hit the dirt. wincing in pain. the diagnosis, a season-ending fractured left ankle. >> it is very panful in the first two weeks. good news is this fellow is in tremendous shape, extraordinary athlete. excellent patient from what i have been told. he listens. i don't think the yankees are going to have a hard time moving forward. just bad timing. >> you think? jeter is undergoing tests and seeing specialists. not set in stone yet. he will likely have to undergo, undergo surgery, yeah, manager, joe girardi says he is in good spirits and looking forward to spring training in february. you don't really want your captain to be talking about spring training. >> no. bigger mountains to climb first. national league championship serie
. >> it's painful. i was in the city to watch the game. could have won. looked better. an ugly game. >> missed a field goal. >> i know. i know. i was there. watching it it was painful. some of the viewers wrote on facebook, they see your chicago jersey, but you're a native of michigan. where is your love for the tigers? >> you mean the lions? >> the lions. i mean -- i am fresh back. >> here's the quick -- the quick story on that. >> quick, yeah. >> i was a lions' fan, and then wayne fonts, one of the head coaches for the lions when he ran barry sanders into the ground, barry sanders was like no more of this. i was like -- no more. >> there is a history there. i didn't know myself. i was curious. >> i lived, worked in ohio for 12 years. lived and worked in chicago for six years. covered the bears and bengals. >> there we go. i was just curious. you fully answered. >> curious? >> curious. >> coming up -- what steven colbert revealed about himself to oprah winfrey. >> the widespread peanut butter recall, what you need to know about it before you harm yourself or your family. you are wa
and the city" remember carrie bradshaw's fumble. littered with road kill. wobbles, tumbles, and wipeouts. heathrow airport, lady gaga showed she wasn't the practical rolling luggage type and ended up rolling her ankles. for the rest of us why do we bother when we know it can end like this? the man behind those sky scraping red soles, christian louboutin explain it to me like this. >> some women are not completely comfortable with their body. even if you are not really comfortable with your body you are comfortable with your feet. at the time, i was six months pregnant. he proved it to me. >> hello, lovers. i think i lost five pounds. when you're talking seven-inch heels, practicality isn't the point. >> i do not want these shoes to appear as comfortable shoes. >> not meant to be birkenstocks. >> with the heels come higher risks. the lesson. looking good is the easy part. it's what you do after the fall that really counts. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> that is the war on women. did you hear what he said? he does not want the shoes to be comfortable. he's not wearing them. >> ther
did arrive over the city as the the attack was ending and diplomats were being evacuated which could allow romney. >> it was not a spontaneous demonstration is that what you are saying? while the president has ben out of site at camp david we did get a hint of his plan. highlight the killing of bin laden, end of the iraq war and question mitt romney's overseas trip as a presidential candidate when he wondered about security at london's olympics. >> we remember his duke of hazard's tour of destinations over the summer, where he isrrod countries not friendly to us. >> reporter: both campaigns tell me each of their candidates will figure a way to make points about the economy. arguing a strong economy, strengthens our national security. david kerley, abc news, the white house. >>> and stay with abc news for complete coverage of the debate. it all starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 pacific. >>> police in brookfield, wisconsin have found the body of the gunman who opened fire in a day spa sunday morning. they say 45-year-old radcliffe haughton shot himself after killing three women and wou
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